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Lasik FAQs

If you hope to get LASIK treatment in the Tampa, FL, area, our Optometry experts at Family EyeCare at Westchase are happy to answer your questions. Below, we have listed some frequently asked questions our clients request from our optometrist regularly.

How long should I take off when I get LASIK?

If you have an appointment scheduled for LASIK treatment, you should plan to take the next day off and rest. You may even want to take a few days off to be safe. After one or two days, you should start feeling up to your regular activities. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work or other obligations the day after their surgery. Still, since every patient and every surgery is different, the best person to ask this question is your surgeon, so you can plan for recovery.

Is LASIK painful?

For most people, LASIK surgery is not painful at all. The procedure involves numbing the eyes before it begins. Although the surgery should not hurt, it can be mildly uncomfortable. This discomfort creates a feeling of pressure for most patients. Although, you must inform your provider immediately if you feel pain during the procedure.

Do I need to stay in the hospital after LASIK?

Since LASIK is a same-day outpatient procedure, you can go home after the surgery and recover in your home. Of course, since it is eye surgery you can't see after, and you will want someone else to drive you home.

What should you avoid after LASIK surgery?

After treatment, you will want to avoid removing the eye patch over the treated eye. You will also want to avoid rubbing your eyes. Keep tap water away from your eyes after LASIK surgery for the first two weeks post-op.

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